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Over the years Pepe's Taco Villa has earned many awards and
created a faithful following from all over Phoenix.

jpg of Bob Boze BellHere is what Arizona Cowboy Historian Bob Boze Bell says about Pepe's Taco Villa

Our family has been enjoying Taco Villa since the 1970s when we first discovered this great place.
At that time we lived in central Phoenix, and even though we now live some forty miles away,
we still meet there to celebrate birthdays and holidays, and any other flimsy excuse we can think of,
in order to eat the best Mexican food in Arizona.

Bob Bose Bell - Executive Editor, True West Magazine


1982 New Times
Best Albondigas

1999 New Times
Best Cheap Mexican Restaurant

2000 City Search
Best Mexican Restaurant

2001 Arizona Republic
Best Mole

2001 New Times
Best Mexican Restaurant

2002 Arizona Republic
Best Budget Mexican Restaurant

2010 New Times
Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant
West Valley 2010

2010 New Times: Best 100 Dishes
Taco Monterey

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Howard Seftel - New Times Nov 5, 1998 Article Second Helpings
Holy mole!
That's what you'll say after you try the divine chicken enchiladas
spooned over with the exotic mole,
an irresistible blend of chiles, spices and chocolate.
Green corn tamales, Tacos Monterrey and Barbacoa de Cabeza
are three more reasons to put this place on your list.

Phoenix Magazine
The tacos are good here, but there are dozens of other great reasons
to give this homey Mexican restaurant a try.
Chicken mole, chilaquiles, albondigas soup, carnitas and cocido are just a few.

If you are looking for
atmosphere and slick, prepackaged, south-of-the-border attitude,
then Pepe's Taco Villa is probably not for you.

The humble storefront faces Camelback Road in a humble neighborhood.
But you dont go for the look, you go for some authentic Mexican food.
Its hard to choose among so many standouts, but honors go to:
Tacos Monterrey (air-dried beef, eggs and chile),
Mole Chicken Enchiladas
and the
Red-Chile Chimichanga.

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